spiritual life?

Well, we have a for you!

Mindset Youth Rally

It is an annual event designed to help Youth in all phases of life be challenged in the way we think. The event will educate and equip us with tools that will impact the way we look at God and one another.
If you live near the Detroit region, want to recode your relationship with God and expand your circle of friends, you can't miss this event.

  • 2775 Crooks Rd, Troy, Michigan
  • From March 22 to 24, 2024
  • $10 | $5 (Students)
  • mindsetyouthrally@gmail.com
  • Registration Deadline: March 17th

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."



5:30 PM - Check-in of Registration

6:30 PM - Welcome and Opening

7:15 PM - Speaker Time

7:50 PM - Closing Remarks


8:30 AM - Late Check-in of Registration

9:15 AM - Welcome and Opening

9:30 AM - Sabbath School Panel

11:00 AM - Divine Service

12:45 PM - Special Lunch

2:00 PM - Breakout Sessions

5:15 PM - Panel Discussion

5:45 PM - Special Supper

7:00 PM - Final Charge

8:00 PM - GYM Night


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Outreach

  • Michael Carducci


    Michael Carducci, Co-Founder, and Senior Speaker of "Coming Out" Ministries is an international ministry leader addressing his history from Transgenderism; living in the Homosexual Culture and being Sexually Addicted for over twenty years. Accepting Jesus Christ was the beginning of a discovery of healing, as he learned the Biblical process of cleansing and restoration through a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Being introduced to God for the first time as Jesus proved His enduring love and dedication, showing Michael how to live in a world of temptation. Learning the process of true surrender and experiencing peace in his life on a moment-by-moment basis. Michael shares his experience for overcoming and helps guide others to Christ as he reveals, what has helped address the brokenness of the past, and how to achieve healing through a solid dependance on Jesus Christ. 

  • Jermaine Gayle

    Pastor Jermaine Gayle currently serves as Senior Pastor of the University Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Lansing, Michigan. God has expanded his ministry to include serving as chaplain for the East Lansing Police and Fire Departments. Jermaine is from the lovely Island of Jamaica; he is married to his lovely wife, Asenath Gayle, who serves in the Michigan Conference ministerial department. Jermaine enjoys painting, biking, and reading as many books as he can get his hands on. He is currently doing a Master’s degree online at Andrews University in Berrien Springs. Between ministry, school, and home life, he loves meeting people and learning their stories.

  • Andrew Park

    Pastor Andrew Park was born and raised in metro-Detroit, Michigan. He was raised in the church, but spent most of his life living outside of God’s will. Halfway through public university, he had a radical conversion experience after joining a summer literature evangelism program. Since then, he’s been dedicated to following God wherever He leads. Currently he serves as a pastor in Michigan and as the president of GYC.  He is married to his wonderful wife, Nichole.

  • Leeroy Hernandez

    Pastor Leeroy Hernandez serves as the Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students (CAMPUS) Missionary Training Program Director.  He is also the evangelism director of the Public Campus Ministries Department for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has a BA in Theology and has served as an assistant publishing director and local church pastor in Grand Rapids prior to his current position.  He has led and grown small groups and student organizations at Grand Valley State University and other surrounding colleges and has trained Adventist and non-Adventist student leaders on how to effectively minister on public college campuses since 2014.  He lives near East Lansing, MI home of Michigan State University, where he met his wife Cori (an MSU graduate).  They are the proud parents of their son Desmond and two dogs: Kimchi and Nico.

  • Jonathan Min


    Pastor Jonathan Min was born in California, raised in Georgia & Tennessee, but now resides in the state of Michigan. As a young teen growing up in a single parent home, he struggled to find meaning and purpose in life. However, all along the way God was speaking to his heart. This call for a more purposeful life was found at Hartland College, where he double majored in Media & Theology. Since giving his life to the Lord, he has taken part in literature evangelism programs, mission trips, and is now serving in the University SDA Church.

  • Jorge Neketela

    Pastor Jorge Neketela is originally from Angola, a Portuguese-speaking country in Southern Africa, and pastor at Farmington SDA Church. Since he departed from his home country in 2015, God has allowed him to travel, study, live, and work in different places such as South Africa, Thailand, China, Ethiopia, and the United States of America, where he got his bachelor’s degree in pastoral evangelism from Hartland College. Currently he is pursuing his master’s in divinity with an emphasis in chaplaincy at Andrews University and he is married to Gleydiane Soares, who is originally from Brazil with a missionary and nursing background.

  • Bamiji Ibironke

    Bamiji Ibironke currently serves as an Elder at the Detroit Northwest Seventh-Day Adventist church. He works as a Fitness Manager in Ann Arbor Michigan and is also involved in a start-up business that seeks to promote cognitive wellness for seniors. In his free time he enjoys reading, listening to quality music and exercising. He is a lifelong learner in the school of Christ.

  • Andrew Bailey


    Andrew Bailey, a seasoned automotive seating designer at Stellantis Automotive (formerly Fiat-Chrysler) with an impressive 24-year journey in the industry. In parallel to his professional endeavors, he has devoted over 18 years as a church elder, delivering impactful sermons and leading public evangelistic seminars that have touched and guided many towards Christ. As the visionary founder of Drubaileyart LLC, Andrew directs his passion into a design & illustration consultancy, crafting inspiring, innovative, and relevant content for both businesses and individuals. By seamlessly blending his profound knowledge of scripture with an active artistic mindset, Andrew connects with diverse audiences, enriching his talks with humor, insight, and inspiration.